Super Mario All Stars

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  • UV printed duo-tone Red/Blue NES cartridge
  • Brand NEW Panasonic game save battery
  • Individually numbered (25 copies total)
  • Massive full-color 60 page instruction manual
  • NES style packaging
  • Collection of 35+ stickers
  • Unique themed cartridge display stand
  • SMA Collectible Coin

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1993 Nintendo re-released the first four outings in the Super Mario Bros series for the Super Nintendo – a compilation which included the never seen before Japanese sequel known as The Lost Levels. As great as Super Mario All-Stars was, some would argue that the games are best enjoyed on the NES. Through what we believe to be incredibly tricky and complicated methods, one ROM hacker has released his very own 8-bit version of the compilation for the Nintendo NES.

Not only does this all new creation house the four Super Mario Bros games in one ROM, but it also brings over some great features from the Super Nintendo collection too. The SRAM saving functionality is added to each of the games, as is a sparkly title screen too showcasing the countless characters found within the series



Mario Bros. Classic

This game is the PAL European Nintendo version, which I have converted to NTSC. To access this game, hold A and press Up while the pointer is on Super Mario Bros. For more in-depth details regarding this title, scroll past all the game descriptions for further info.

The following functions are saved and restored…

1. Top Score


Super Mario Bros.

When you start this game with a saved 2 player mode, and you last saved as Luigi, you will start as Luigi. But, during the title screen you will see Mario standing there. Once you press start, Luigi will be properly restored.

The Demo Mode has been disabled, once you reload a save game, just like the original SNES All-Stars does. Also vram writes to the number of players, and the removal of the Select button for the title screen, are other features when you reload a saved game.

The following functions are saved and restored…

1. Restart as either 1st or 2nd player, from when game was saved
2. Power-Up state (small, big, fire)
3. # of lives
4. Current world & sub-level, (you save at 1-2, you start at 1-2, this also retains the individual world & sub-level for Luigi. Whoever is the furthest in the game, that world & sub-level # will be shown on the main menu, where you select one of 4 files)
5. Whether 1 or 2 player mode is active
6. Current high score
7. Mario’s & Luigi’s current scores
8. Mario’s & Luigi’s coins
9. Whether game has been defeated
10. Halfway point (within allowed worlds)

The following enhancements & modifications are….

1. On 2 player mode, players now switch off after clearing a flagpole. No more waiting for the other player to die, or defeat the game in order to play your turn.
2. Implemented the skidding sfx from Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan.
3. Implemented a new feature, where when a player dies during 2 player mode, he/she starts at the beginning of the current world they died in, and not being forced to not play the game anymore. Your lives are restored back to 3, and your score and coins are restored back to 00’s.

4. Implemented Unused Lakitu Spiny Egg Toss


Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan

The “L” in the example stands for (Luigi Game)
This game was originally an .fds to .nes conversion I found online. It lacked the proper title screen construction, and various other functions. I’ve studied the .fds version thoroughly, to get my version running identical to the .fds version. The flashing stars on the SMB2 logo are there & save. World 9 is here as well, AND, I’ve made it so you can save on World 9-1 through 9-4, and when you reload, you WILL start where you left off. Luigi’s skidding physics have been restored, (thanks to ShaneM for informing me) and the red piranha plants & green spring boards have been restored, (again, thanks to ShaneM for informing me)

The following functions are saved and restored…

1. Power-Up state (small, big, fire)
2. Lives
3. World & Sub-level
4. Coins
5. High score
6. Current score
7. How many #-4 castles have been cleared
8. Whether you have access to worlds A-D
9. How many times you have beaten the game
10. Halfway point (within allowed worlds)

The following enhancements & modifications are….

1. Implemented Unused Lakitu Spiny Egg Toss


Super Mario Bros. 2 USA

The following functions are saved and restored…

1. Number of bars in life meter
2. World & Sub-Level
3. # of lives
4. If first & second mushrooms have been pulled in saved level
5. If 1-up has been pulled in saved level
6. # of continues
7. Number of cherries obtained in saved level
8. Number of coins obtained in saved level
9. Number of big vegetables pulled in saved level
10. Number of levels finished as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool

The following enhancements & modifications are….

1. Implemented SpiderDave’s fix for missing 8th animation
2. Implemented SpiderDave’s fix for missing sfx when player dies

Super Mario Bros. 3

The “M” in the example stands for (Mario), it also means he is the player that will start first when you load the file.
When you goto save, you can only save within an active stage, not during a 2p battle, not in a toad house, not during a mini-game.

The following functions are saved and restored… These apply to both Mario & Luigi…

1. Power-Up state (small, big, fire, raccoon, frog, tanooki, hammer)
2. Current score
3. Whether you saved last as Mario or Luigi
4. Current world
5. 1 or 2 player mode
6. # of lives
7. Power-Up form when on world map
8. N-Card 3 byte next score registers
9. Whether you have unveiled the penny ship, white mushroom house, etc
10. Map positions, as well as previous map positions (like when you die, and you get skidded back to your previous last spot)
11. Level complete flags
12. Inventory
13. Stage cleared cards
14. Coins
15. All sprite map objects
16. All sprite x/y map object locations
17. All sprite map id’s
18. World map locations (example, world 2. If you saved at the castle in world 2, the game will load up that part of the world map, not the very beginning of the world where it says START. This goes for both Mario & Luigi!)

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