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Megaman Ultra – Complete with 12-page manual


Package Includes:

  • Two-tone Blue on Blue cartridge.  Cartridges are either Light Opaque Blue Front & Dark Transparent Blue back, or vice versa. they will be shipped randomly.
  • Themed cartridge display stand
  • Double-sided 12×18 poster/map
  • 12-page full-color manual
  • NES style box

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Mega Man Ultra is a ROM hack (or home brew) for the game Mega Man 2 that was developed between 2005-2006 and released on 2006 as an addition to the game. The game features new enemies, music remixes from different games, more difficult levels and different named Special Weapons, although the Robot Masters are still the same, only with a palette swap and different strategies.

Mega Man fans will get a kick out of this hack as much as everyone else will enjoy it. Infidelity did a really good job with this hack and it shows, so what are you waiting for? Play this hack and get ready for an all new adventure of Mega Man 2.

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 in


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