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The characters of each of the game’s chapters were illustrated by a group of different manga artists involving Yoshihide Fujiwara, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Osamu Ishiwata, Yumi Tamura, Ryōji Minagawa, Gosho Aoyama and Kazuhiko Shimamoto.  Published by Square for the Super Famicom, and released on September 2, 1994, Live-A-Live was never released outside Japan…

Until now!


Live-A-Live has a clever gameplay mechanic:  Play as a number of different heroes, individually working through their own chapters, and possibly have them come together for a single, final quest at the very end.

Live-A-Live‘s big twist on the formula are the heroes, rather than co-existing in the same world, all hail from radically different time periods.  The result is almost like a little game anthology.  While the same battle system is used throughout the game, each of the game’s episodic chapters features a different approach to game design, with its own largely self-contained storyline, gameplay gimmick, and graphic artist. Some of the chapters consequently work much better than others, and a lot of the game’s charm rises from the contrasts between them.

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