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Glory of Herecles is a role playing game, originally released in Japan for the Super Famicom in 1992, Glory of Heracles III: Silence of the Gods is the third installment of the Heracles game series. Check this review of the game for more details, videos, and screenshots.

The Heracles game series can be compared to Dragon Quest except set in a Greek setting, with Hercules being one of the main characters in the game series.


The story is quite involving with some major plot twists along the way. You awaken as a nameless character with amnesia in a fairy village. The fairies quickly find out that you cannot be killed when a earthquake opens the ground and you plummet to what should have been your doom.  Apparently you are an immortal but not a God… As you travel you discover some new friends that as well have immortality but are not Gods. Of course as you travel you meet and befriend Hercules.

Basically the story doesn’t truly reveal itself to you until almost the end of the game and it’s revealed with so many twists that your head wants to pop. That’s not a bad thing at all. It’s what makes a good RPG better usually. The story is filled with your usual Japanese humor but also has its fair amount of tragedy as well. The ending of the game is amongst some of the best for the system as far as JRPG’s go. The story as a whole is pretty powerful and you should be enthralled throughout most of the game. My only complaint being that it was just a touch too short.


Of course, one of the most important parts of any RPG is its gameplay. And for the most part this game does play as a standard JRPG in a very similar vein to DQ. You traverse a large world in which you can travel over the regular world, a underworld, a small cloud world, and finally the Heavens. So yes, there is quite a bit of world to cover, it also has a day/night system.

The battle system is similar to that of Dragon Quest. There are though a few differences though. Magic is learned from entering certain temples used to worship the Gods. Matter of fact, each God has his/her own temple and you learn different kinds of spells based on this. Also, the names of spells are a bit difficult to get used to. Much like Phantasy Star each spell has a essentially made up name. For instance, a healing spell is called Pow. A stronger healing spelling is called Powra, and so forth. Another interesting thing with the battle system was the AI. Not exactly a new idea for RPG’s in general, it’s still unique in this game. For each level gained the hero will gain a certain amount of trust points. These trust points go towards how much your party trusts you. Sounds strange? It is the way it works.

You will have two options as to how you want to control your party. You can either control them individually or use the trust option. What the trust option does is it allows your party to choose what will be best for your current situation. If you choose to manually control the characters you still don’t have total control over them depending on your trust rating. You may have one of them use magic one round and if your trust rating isn’t high enough your party member may choose not to listen to you and he will choose what he wants to do. It’s an interesting system and makes the battles more interesting than your normal JRPG. My only complaint really was the pacing of battles. They move very slow and it takes sometime to gain your levels accordingly.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 x 1 x 3.5 in

SNES, Retron2, Retron 3, Retron 4, Retron 5. Should work on any SNES-compatible console that will accept a SNES cartridge.


Box, Manual, Complete Kit (Box, Manual, Labels)


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