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This version of Dragon Quest III was released in late 1996 on the Super Famicom, during the last days of the Super NES in the United States.. It was never brought to North America, due to Enix America Corporation’s closure in 1995. By the time Enix of America returned, the SNES had been discontinued in North America, so this version of of Dragon Quest II was lost in time. Until now.

Noted for greatly expanding upon the gameplay of the original Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II. The game uses basic role-playing video game conventions such as leveling up by gaining experience points and equipping items. Battle is turn-based like the other games in the series, though this remake incorporates various interface changes. These include simpler door opening, a bag to store items instead of keeping them at a bank, quick item sorting with “Tidy Item” and “Tidy Bag” command, and a “Full HP” command to automate the process of casting healing and status restoring spells.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 x 1 x 3.5 in

Box, Manual, Complete Kit (Box, Manual, Labels)


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