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Bahamut Lagoon


Full Game CIB – Includes complete playable SNES game cartridge sealed in box with manuals.

Box – Game Box Only

Manual – Manual Only

Complete Kit – Box, Manual, and Labels



Bahamut Lagoon is a tactical role-playing game. The player controls several parties of four characters each, and commands different dragons at once. The battles start on a top-down screen typical for strategy games, but often switch to a dynamic side view, such as often used in Japanese-style RPGs. The outcome of some battles can also be affected by other tactical decisions, such as, for example, setting a whole forest on fire to prevent enemies from coming through it.

Bahamut Lagoon is an early Strategy RPG made by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) originally released only in Japan. It includes much of the Final Fantasy feel and characteristics, including spell names and the names of the dragons: Bahamut, Alexander, Leviathan, and Valefor, to name a few.

The battle system is an early example of a Tactics-style game, and is well-loved for being practical yet Nintendo Hard. The game is set in the sky world of Orelus, and follows Heroic Mime Byuu as he leads the The Resistance against the Granbelos Empire. Along the way, he rescues his childhood sweetheart, Princess Yoyo. The princess, a summoner, has the ability to communicate with the Holy Dragons and use their powers in battle. The heroes attempt to collect their power to use against the empire, while Emperor Sauzer attempts to gather them for himself. Their battle against the Empire and the greater threat it unleashes range all across the sky and even into the world of origin for the dragons themselves. And Yoyo’s experiences with the Empire weren’t all negative…

Bahamut Lagoon is notable for having very pretty graphics, being one of the last Squaresoft games to be released for the Super Nintendo. It’s also notable for having quite explicit sexual content (though primarily in dialogue) and an openly gay old wizard as one of its main characters.

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Full Game CIB, Box, Manual, Complete Kit (Box, Manual, Labels)


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