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Limited/Numbered New Collectible Editions Coming

Hi guys,

We just launched our first game with the First Run Edition. All new games we produce going forward will have a special First Run Edition (First 10 copies). This is to reward our regular customers and loyal fans. There will be no extra charge for this. The First Run Editions will all be printed on special holographic stock and have a numbered embossed gold foil seal of authenticity.

The other new collectible that will be included in all future games – again at no extra charge – is the puzzle piece. Each game will have its own unique puzzle piece, and each of the pieces does indeed fit together to form a large image, just like a normal jigsaw puzzle. These pieces are made of 1/4″ acrylic which has been laser cut and laser etched by our friends at Check their site out for some of the finest handcrafted retro collectibles on Earth.

Pics below

holographicbox DSC_0368 DSC_0370

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Limited/Numbered New Collectible Editions Coming

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