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Limited/Numbered New Collectible Editions Coming

Hi guys,

We just launched our first game with the First Run Edition. All new games we produce going forward will have a special First Run Edition (First 10 copies). This is to reward our regular customers and loyal fans. There will be no extra charge for this. The First Run Editions will all be printed on special holographic stock and have a numbered embossed gold foil seal of authenticity.

The other new collectible that will be included in all future games – again at no extra charge – is the puzzle piece. Each game will have its own unique puzzle piece, and each of the pieces does indeed fit together to form a large image, just like a normal jigsaw puzzle. These pieces are made of 1/4″ acrylic which has been laser cut and laser etched by our friends at Check their site out for some of the finest handcrafted retro collectibles on Earth.

Pics below

holographicbox DSC_0368 DSC_0370

Stay tuned…

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Star Fox 2 Back in Stock!

The Legend is True


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Earn Free Games with our new Refer-a-Friend FishyBucks Program


If you are interested in earning free CiB games from us, you’ll be surprised how easy it is. We just launched a new refer-a-friend program called FishyBucks. All you have to do is join this program and give them your link to buy from us, you get 10% of the total sale to spend at (which could be quite nice, possibly even earn you a free game on one sale)

Here’s the link to see more information about the program and join.

We do not share ANY of your information with anyone. This is just for use at We are very minimally annoying. We’re just like you, a bunch of retro collectors with good design skills sharing our collection with you.

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Gone but not Forgotten and Things to Come

Hi folks,

Our Frenzy sale has ended. A lot of people made off with a lot of free games on that one. Everything has either been shipped or is now being wrapped up and will ship by Friday at the latest. If you missed the train don’t worry, there will be another celebration+sale release coming very soon to celebrate our 50th CiB game. This game will have a collectors edition limited/numbered + Standard version available. Not telling what the 50th game will be yet. More cool things are also on the way such as our 2 new exclusive titles in full proper CiB format. Hang in there and subscribe. In the meantime you can always still get free shipping if you buy 2 games or more.


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The Frenzy Sale is over but not Forgotten!

The Feeding Frenzy ended today folks.  If you missed out don’t fret, there will be many more promotions in the future. There will also be a promotion celebrating our official 50th CiB. Congrats to everyone who got to take part in the event. It was awesome for everybody. Stay tuned…


Everything is shipping out as we speak, you will get a tracking number 🙂

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This weekend is the final 2 days of our sale – also Marvelous back in stock!


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Take a Look at the Fishy Library.

5 Days Left of our Sale Still Remain

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Temporarily Sold Out of Star Fox 2, Mario Kart R, and Marvelous

Guys we are temporarily out of these 3 games. The sale has depleted the supply of these 2 games which require special boards to produce. We will restock at some point but I have no official ETA at the moment.

We are also very low on Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets, down to a handful left, and those will also be some time until we can restock.


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6 Days of the Feeding Frenzy Left

See Store for Full Details


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Look at the FREE GAMES you get in one order!

This guy bought 12 games, which means he got 3 of them FREE. For the quality level we put out this is insane. If you decide to to take advantage of us, it removes the price of every 4th game when adding to your cart. Our loss is certainly your gain during this sale. 9 Days left till it’s over. This guy has great taste in games btw 😉 I mean c’mon guys, no-brainer here, buy and win.